Monday, August 8, 2016


Dear Jeyamohan

This episode require more concentration to read, to grasp and to understand the underpinning "Sol" imparted by the ancient sages and their lineage. I have read the Upanishads translated by Easwaran and others but definitely that is not enough. In Tamil my Alwars have given both the essesnce and and the elaboration of Vedas and Uapanishads encapsualted in bakthi. It requires more dedication to learn Tamil even to partly understand the "Sol". It may not be possible for me in this life time.

But, your deep dive into the divine "Sol" opens up another great perspective for anyone who is in the path of exploring 'self".  Amazing interpretation and "sol alankaram". The evolution of Pandava's and Dharma's quest for knowledge and the step by step progress towards attaining "gnana" yet unable to completely free from the emotional bonds and the earthly desire are captured with extreme precision by you.  Infact, you are giving reassurance that the emotional dilemmas,  seeking knowledge, understand the meaning of life yet unable to conquer self, also the desperation as to so what "I was born, what is there to achieve or not to acheive and in whose standards" is a continuing process that any seeker has to go thru in one's spiritual journey.  

On the development of the story towards the great war, first I could not understand why Bhishma could not strike Duryodhana when he wants to bring Draupathi to the gambling site to humiliate her. When Bhishma could show physical violence towards the Hasthi Prince later he could have done it in the Sabha itself.  May be that is life, we are forced to remain silent when a holocaust happens or any injustice, then the hidden anger of having been a silent witness erupts into another viloence or passively agressive action or a positive action. Learning continues. Mahabharatha teaches to self introspect. Thanks so much for reinvigorating the thought process.

Enjoy your stay in Singapore and the work.  Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Sobana Iyengar