Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Dear Jeyamohan
Naimisaranyam, where time is lost and a place for Yogis and Sages who seek knowledge, becomes lively when MayaKannan moved there. The dialog between the characters Karna, Bhishma, Shikandi, Vidura and Sage Vyasa with Neelamani Kannan make the readers to introspect, think and feel the emotions expressed by them.
The question/s every human being asks at one time or another when churned thru different life experiences or philosophical/intellectual pursuits can find answers and solace in these chapters. These are the chapters that one must read carefully in between the lines to understand the meaning, links to the past, and how everything comes to a full circle.  
Your effortless writing is amazing. Sage Vyasa must be beaming with joy that you have undertaken this monumental work to bring Mahabharatha’s “Yin and Yang” in beautiful Tamil. Gem of the gems of Venn Murasu.
 Looking forward to the next chapters.  Thank you.
Warm Regards,

Sobana Iyengar