Monday, December 16, 2019


Dear Jeyamohan
Neerchudar has ended.  This episode leaves a feeling of calmness coming out of accepting the reality.  It was like when all the forces try to pull you apart, to break your mind and let you only to lament. A divine intervention pulls you out and you start looking inwards and introspect yourself.  Finally, the smoke clears, you breathe, and the equilibrium of your mind returns.
In chapter 57, Ma Kunti finally comes out and ask Yudhishtra to give the “havis” to Karna. That was the moment of truth.  The Pandavas feel the betrayal and the pain.  Sugothran makes that historic decision to renounce everything and move on.  What a beatific moment of freedom!  
You have written great details on closing process of a war where many people have died, in this case relatives. The rituals done for the departed souls and its significance are in amazing Tamil and the translation of the Vedic versus.
Best portrayal of Sugothran. He emerges as the hero in this episode. Makes one to long for that courage.
Thanks again for creating this master piece. Also looking forward to your “Thiruvizha log” on the temple festivals and experiences.   Waiting for the next Venn Murasu jewel.
Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar