Monday, October 28, 2019


Dear Jeyamohan 

The Episode begins with the story of Ganga Matha. She converts the pebbles into “Shalagrama”. She understands the sorrow, blame, wrong doings and embrace everything without judging and cleanse them. What an appropriate beginning with your unique narration. 

The next chapter onwards you take us to the untold stories of Hastinapur and its people. The pain and the sorrow incurred by every one irrespective of their wealth or power make the readers to learn also about the commoners and their sufferings.  This interspersed with the  description about the darker side of life, a city that lost its splendor, the women losing their unborn, the depressed minds, Gandhari’s obedient devotion to Neela Mukil Vannan’s “sol”,  Kanakar’s feelings, Soodhar’s lamentations, and the pathetic young princesses who jump into the Ganges are amazingly written as if one is witnessing it.

Some exotic or esoteric rituals that you have described when Vana Nagini’s temple was unearthed 
are quite interesting and may be these exist even today in some of the temples. The best one
is the quote by Kanakar in Chapter 18 “There is no freedom like detachment (no roots)”. How true! easy to aspire but difficult to practice! 

Thanks again for creating this monumental literary work where every episode is unique like a signature jewel. Looking forward to the next chapters.

Warm regards 

Sobana Iyengar