Thursday, April 9, 2015

பீமனும் ஜராசந்தனும்

jay ,
           This is my first email to you. i am a reader of venmurasu i like your writing of mahabharatham which
is so simple to read and you had elaborated the character that are small in mahabharatham. I like the way you have
 descriped life of bhima with Ghatotkacha and Idumbi which was too short in the mahabharat that i read . 
I like the way u descripe about every city , food , culture in mahabharath. I like the way of  bhurishrvas and sathyaki
where descriped by you.

I thought you will Write about Jarashanthan (Mahatha King) fought with krishna and defeated him 17 times and Ekalavya
was the war minister who attacked and win krishna 17 times at mathura . thats why krishna relocated to Dwaraka 
 and when Ekalyava attack dwaraka for krishna killing of shishubala. This time Krishna defeated Ekalavya and wonded him.

But the story of venmurasu is different . I hope you will write about this in venmurasu for the reader to understand why krinshna
then kills Jarashanthan (Mahatha King) with a help of Bhima.I think i will  hear more about Ekalavya in venmurasu Soon

 I really appreciate you for  the effort to write this epic