Thursday, August 17, 2017


Dear Jeyamohan

Finally, caught up with reading! You have brought a  different perspective of Damayanthi's story thru the words of Naga Virali & other "Sudhar" stories. Amazing details of different clans and the transition of communities.

The chapters move on and few analogies reminded me of an upcoming event or close resemblance to some of your great word portraits.
In one description of Damayanthi eating the leftovers reminded me of the "Annai" in " Nooru Narkaligal". 

The "Kolam" spins thru the Nala & Damayanthi's life story into the Pandava's life in Virata Nagara.
Unbelievable happenings and your signature writing of making a palace guard, maid or a kitchen assistant as important as the main characters are very unique. 

 The great sentence in today's chapter 82 is the comparison of tuning the "Yazh/Veena" to that of  a child's attention craving whimpering! 

Thanks as always.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar