Sunday, July 1, 2018

Grand entrance of the patriarch

Dear Jeyamohan 

After explaining to us about the Pandava’s preparation to warfare, that included the vivid description of the unique rituals to propitiate “Kangali Mata”, you took us to the mountains in the north with Bhurisravas. A great reading experience with details of the land, mountains, and culture. 

Grand entrance of the patriarch Balhika into Hastinapur boost the morale of the Kauravas as  Maya’s from Panchala did for the Pandavas. We the readers are witnessing the preparation that was happening. Dhritarashtra, again shows his good side by requesting that Bahlika should accept the crown and stop the war. But, next day Dhuryodhana gives a firy speech 
that preps the Kshatriyas blood to reach the boiling point ready to burst into the battlefield. 

Along with all these emotional churning, calmly you highlight the uniqueness of the nature and the lives of people both commoners and royals. It is a delight to read about the rivers, mountains, plains, and the entire landscape. In every episode you paint the nature but each time it is so new, different and refreshing. For example, when you describe a “Kurungadu” or woods and “Adar Vanam” or a forest it varies with region to region. Looks like you are writing about a precious thing in beautiful Tamil.

Thanks as always.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar