Friday, July 1, 2016

ஐங்குழல் கொற்றவை

Dear Jeyamohan

For the past 10  days, the “Panniru Pagadai Kalam” has turned into a thriller. I could see the Simhavahini retreating and the Nagas coaxing Dharma to indulge in betting repeatedly. Your imagination, painting with words is superb.  In today’s episode, I was shocked to read that Dharma wants to bid Draupathi despite Saguni telling him that the game is over with Indraprastha and the crown has gone to Hastinapur.

The Mahabharatha I read/heard was Saguni and Duryodhana were the ones who ask Dharma to pledge Draupathi.  However, you have written that it was Dharma who took the decision. Have you found this in any other version of Mahabharatha? Regardless, it sounds plausible and flows with the story.  

I feel already sad for Draupathi when Duryodhana orders to get her into the “Sabha” as a maidservant. Wondering how you will bring “  Inline image 1” to help Panchali. Waiting to read the next episode.

Thank you.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar