Friday, April 24, 2015


Dear Jeyamohan

Many Happy returns of the day(April 22)! Wishing you all the best, success and happiness. Just caught up with the reading and along with Venn Mugil Nagaram read the write up on the "ezhathalin Inimai" . 

Venn Mugil Nagaram has become "Vinn Mel Nagaram". Unbelievable drama where every character is so live that I wonder whether I am reading or living in those days. Kandhari's happiness to see the young princess coming into the household, the plot, emotions, political diplomacy and games are amazingly portrayed by you.

Neelamani Kannan's divine charisma, his flute, the raga Kambhoji, it is another World! It is a blessing to be there for some time everyday.

Thank you.

Warm regards