Friday, June 8, 2018

Majestic Vengai

Dear Jeyamohan 

From a heavy philosophical theme “Imai Kanam” you have transitioned Venn Murasu to the
Majestic Vengai ready to hunt. It is an amazing idea to prepare the readers to become strong and stoic to read about the upcoming warfare.

 Satyaki’s children are portrayed as adorable, brave, yet as innocent pack unable to comprehend the consequences of the looming warfare. “Panjavar dhootan” Anjana Vannan plays with them and makes the war camp as Gokulam. Satyaki’s unconditional devotion to “Azhi Vallan” and his controlling the children to follow the etiquette brought smiles. Ma Draupati again emerges as a forgiving Queen mother when she points out that the war is not because of her. Another great perspective that wipes out the angry vengeful image of “Panchali”. 

Looking forward to read this another magnificent episode in your “Azhagu Thamizh”. Thank you
as always.

Warm regards