Tuesday, April 16, 2019

இருட்கனி பற்றி

Dear Jeyamohan

You are giving the readers Irutkani as a “kodai” with Karna’s story.  The start itself is great with the flashback when Arjuna and Karmughil Vannan meets Karna. Arjuna learns what is a true “Kodai”. The Soodhars start reciting the glory of Karna and his debonair. You brought us back to Kurukshetra in Chapter 2. Another amazing episode where Duryodhana laments about his friendship with Karna.  In chapter 3, you have expressed Supradhar’s feelings and the comparison to elephant is another hidden gem which helps one to understand the meaning of how detachment is a great liberation. Shakuni with his usual attitude tries to usher his nephew away from the cremation ground worrying about his own demons. Learnt about the ritual practices related to the last rites for a great warrior.  It just melts the heart to see this “Maveeran” is dead
In the next few chapters, the Soodhars start to tell more stories about Karna’s life and the links. Every sentence is full of details and we travel along with Aswar to the days when Pandavas were in exile. We hear Kunti’s fear, dilemma, and guilty feelings of having abandoned her first born.  Aswar provide a great insight by asking her to reflect on the minute details of the day when she was hiding, swimming and left the child in a boat. Karna starts giving his first “Kodai” to his own Mother.  Another “aha” moment.
These chapters made me to sigh, happy to learn more hidden facts about a wonderful soul, more affection to take that child in the arms and console that he is not alone, finally to reflect on many of the hidden gems to control one’s ego and detachment. Looking forward to the next chapters.
Thank you.
Warm regards