Thursday, February 11, 2016

வெய்யோன் கதிர்

Dear Jeyamohan

The beauty of Venn Murasu is To read about  the intricate details of how kingdoms developed, the primitive tribes and the amalgamation of various tribes. Nagas are referred time and again in each of the episodes and their in-fight, plight, ancient rituals, migration to all four corners of India, one of their princess marrying Arjuna, deported from "kandiva vanam", interaction with Karna are extremely intriguing. Where do you get these detailed information? Is it Sage Vyasa has written about the Naga lineage and migration or there are also other sources?   Of course, your beautiful handling of Tamil words and imagination take the readers to that ancient period. 

As usual, I like the geographic references and a map emerges out of your writings when River Saraswathi flowed, Takshasila, Nagothbava - Is this the current Nagpur region? 
I think Venn Murasu will become a beacon for future generation not only for Tamil words, but also as a reference literature to understand ancient history, emergence of geographical regions thru the eyes of immortal Venn Murasu.

Every day the degree of my amazement is becoming exponential from the day when I first read "Mudhal Kanal".  Thank you for sharing the treasure trove with your tireless dedication to write to the details.

Warm regards
சோபனா அய்யங்கார்