Thursday, February 18, 2016


Dear Jeyamohan

In Veyyon, Duryodhana emerges as a loving brother, loyal friend and even generous to give the treasures to Pandavas as gift. He is portrayed as a person, who is willing to shower affection to the Pandavas and goes to Indraprastha with clear conscience.

How did this 360 degrees turn happen to him after plotting and committing the crime to create the "Araku Maligai"!  

Good and bad side of a person is understandable. But, having gone to the extreme of trying to kill the Pandavas and now entering in Indraprastha without any remorse or shame is unable to comprehend.  

Jarachandn staying with Duryodhana and entering the city with him looks like he has a hidden agenda to divide the Pandavas and Kauravas.  

Waiting to read how the meeting will go in your beautiful Tamil words.  Thank you.

Warm regards
சோபனா அய்யங்கார்