Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Dear Jeyamohan

Another great episode which required intense reading. Every sentence is loaded with meaning and poetic beautiful Tamil words. It was a delight to read about how Neelamanivannan got the eight consorts. The Devi's coming from different backgrounds come together to form the circle of love.
The coveted Syamanthaka completes the full circle of dazzling in different colors to a pebble and goes down to the earth again. The conversation between Arjuna and Mayakannan when tracing the origin of River Yamuna is the high light of the whole episode.  One cannot forget the ants conversation and your attention to detail and the imagination -like comparing their fast walk to that of a "puravi"!

Finally, Dhrishtadhyuma understands the meaning of what constitutes a Yogi and makes an important decision to marry Shubrai. His life has come to a full circle by spending the time with  Mughilvannan. The valiant warrior emerges again conquering the insecurities. Perhaps his decision to marry Shubrai must have come from seeing Karmeghavannan treating Kalindhi or Jambavathi equally with other Princesses. 

Another marathon effort by you and another jewel in the crown or a pebble in the hands of a great Yogi. 

As always, felt that I have to read again when it comes as a book. Thank you.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar