Tuesday, February 9, 2016

கர்ணனின் கனவு

Dear Jeyamohan

This chapter is the highlight of Veyyon/Karnan's anguish, emotions and the incidents he wants to forget yet unable get over about a mother who abandoned him, lost love and the insults.

When Thamsan converse with Karna, it is as though I am there witnessing the whole thing. You have amazingly brought the connection between "Neelam" and Veyyon. I could see Radhai's feelings in Veyyon. Only you alone could write about that lonely heart's hidden emotions. Ultimately Veyyon could see all the "Devi's" are no different from the women in his life. This is one of the best chapters that captivates one's heart.

"Namasthasyai" to the "Devi's" and to you. Thank you.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar