Sunday, December 10, 2017


"Ezhuthazhal", another amazing episode where I came to know more about the next generation of the Pandava’s and Kauravas clan. It is sad that the innocent fun loving, observant and knowledgeable youths are going to die in Kurukshetra. The title itself is symbolic of a “chudar” that burns brightly with a short life.
You have handled the squabble for power among the Yadhava princes and at the same time their love and respect for Neela Manivannan with precise details. The entrance of Maya Kannan back from his exile bring smiles and a delight. One can imagine the brewing stage of Bhagavad Gita,
The description of the forest, changes in the landscape, the flowing rivers, rain, minute details of how a boat will navigate in the waters are unique and you make the readers experience it. This is your special magic touch.
Looking forward to the next jewel. Thanks as always. 
Warm regards