Thursday, March 10, 2016

Another amazing episode

Dear Jeyamohan

Veyyon is another amazing episode, where everyone of us can relate to some incidents in our lives when we felt insulted, or felt hurt. Insult can be a motivation to move forward, to prove that one is capable of achieving the impossible and at a later stage able to laugh. On the other hand, vengeance could be continued for generations and can bring great disaster to a large group. In Veyyon, you have once again proved that the "Mahabharata touches every aspect of life, and one can say I have been in that situation"!

You have shown to the readers how the foundation for the upcoming war is getting stronger and stronger when insults, curse and vengeance are used to cement the building blocks of greed and all the darker nature of humanity. Many questions are raised. Why the intention of goodness fails as in the case of Duryodhana? Why we are unable to forget the past in total and move on? Why do we carry vengeance even after starting a new life? Why don't we teach children not to carry vengeance? 

Your efforts to bring the characters alive is like watching a 3D movie. Just one example from the final chapter when you describe the sun rise and the solar eclipse is unbelievable! 

Sobana Iyengar