Saturday, December 15, 2018

திசைதேர் வெள்ளம்

Dear Jeyamohan sir,

Thank you very much for presenting Mahabharatha through "Venmurasu" in
such a grand manner through words which gave us great experience for
visually challenged people like me who cannot watch and enjoy in

its from my heart i'm saying i have never read a book where each and
every character's action is justified, all sections of society is
shown and the power of fate "ஊழ்" is shown which is the hallmark of a
real classical creation "செவ்வியல்".
i had many questions in mahabharatha why dridrashta failed to reform
his son, why darma foolishly agreed to play dies with Korava, why
krishna allowed such a huge distruction including his own yadava
people etc.
You have provided a full proof logical plot of dridrashta and all
elder people, trying all ways to reform his people, darma's and
krishna's inability to stop any plan of fate resulting in complete
Like you, Beeshma is my favourite character but i will go on
blabbering more if i start to write whatever i feel now.
In short, This reading has reformed my understanding of various people
personally a lot and gave me courage to face many adverse situations.
Thank you very much sir and i expect a similar modern version of
ramayana also from you.

Hoping for the next book with lot off expectations.