Thursday, December 13, 2018


Dear Jeyamohan 

This episode is really like a great flood. Flood of warriors coming together from all over Bharath, including majestic elephants, horses, athiris, bulls and other animals and birds. It is a complex confluence of bravery, fear, dreams, dilemma, anger, vengeance that flooded Kurukshetra, the ultimate war zone. You took the readers in a level 6 White water rafting. 

Finally, the gushing of the rapids recede with the fall of Bhishma Pitamaha. While reading the previous chapters on the preparation I was feeling sad for Pitamaha. Interestingly, the way you have described his last near death moments it provides a sense of relief. After reading about war  strategy interspersed with emotions and killings one becomes stoic to understand the impermanence.

Another landmark episode. Waiting to read the next one. Thank you.

Warm regards
Sobana Iyengar