Tuesday, May 5, 2015

குழந்தையின் கனவு

Dear Jeyamohan

Why soon? As usual, it is the child in me was asking whenever you finish a major episode.

Vinn Mugil Nagaram opens with the "Viraliyar" starting with the message that mugils carry not only the showers but also Agni. They tell the  story starting at Chandramasi river about  "Agni" and Brisaspati.  A great prelude to the analogy that Draupati with the color of rain laden dark cloud but holding the lightning bolt like ambition and wit  inside which will eventually change the history of 

Vinn Mugil Nagaram ends at the cool banks of the river "sudhutri" with the encounter between Satyaki and Purisiravas. You have concluded the episode with the smiling face of Purisiravas and with a positive note "celebrate the moment"! The odyssey of Purisiravas has ended without any bitterness or vengeance. He is taking the experience he has gained to Palhika country while 
"Alakalam unda Annal" is watching him moving towards the tall mountains.

Another beautiful jewel in the Venn Murasu crown. The child is asking more jewels.....

Thank you. Enjoy your small break. 

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar