Monday, July 20, 2015


Dear Jeyamohan

You are on a spree to break the images, transform the characteristics of the roles to a different 
perspective. For example, new angle of Rukmini who aspire to be the one and only queen and asking Dhrishtadhyumnan to get the Syamanthaka are total contrast to the devoted Rukmini who just offered a "Tulasi" against Bama's jewelry during thulabaram!  Looks like the "Sudhars" are having a great time in creating stories during this time with Maya neelamani Kannan.

i went and searched how Periyalwar is describing the grand city Dwaraka. In Periya Thirumozhi,  he calls Dwaraka as Thuvarai and mention about "padinarayiram devimar"
Plus he also mentions " Uruppinaiyai kavarndah", I am not sure why he call Rukmini like that! 
Also Thuvarai?

I also liked the Tamil word for Sudarsana chakra - " Narkatchi", great. Periyalwar calls" Thiruchakkaram".

Waiting to read your picture of about how Neelamega vannan got Rukmini. 

Thank you

Sobana Iyengar