Thursday, March 22, 2018

குருதிச்சாரல் நிறைவு

Dear Jeyamohan
“Kurudhi Charal” a magical chapter starts with the queens trying to stop the impending war and gets accelerated with Duryodhana’s submission to “Kali Deva”.  The sadness began when Karna must bear the insult due to his Kula.  Sri Krishna steps in and there begins another “Sol valar cholai”. Excellent exchange of thoughts between the sages and Neelamani Kannan.  There is an invisible order under which everyone operates for example, the politeness of Guru Gautama Sirakari even when he cannot accept the “Viyanarivu” explained by Yadhava Siroratnam, and the way the debate was conducted with a diaspora of different intellectual and class differences.  The magnanimity of the sages to listen to the opposite views on Yagna, Mayakannan’s eternal smile and balanced words, young sage’s emotional outburst, and principal Atharva Acharya’s ability to control the crowd.
Every episode has few chapters that stands out due to the hidden gems of “Sol”, in Kurudhi Charal chapters 76 & 77 are the best where your thoughts and words shine with extraordinary brilliance.  It is the like the  “Geetha Muhurtham” for the readers.
Another brilliant jewel on the crown of Venn Murasu. Thank you as always.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar