Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Karna’s End

Dear Jeyamohan 

Maveeran Karna was killed in the battlefield by another great warrior who violated the code of conduct in the war.  This makes both Karna and Arjuna equal. Karna had insulted Panchali who stood as a destitute in Duryodhan’s palace and committed a crime and the payback returned the same way when he was stranded with his chariot stuck on the mud.

Regardless, the poignant and the sad feelings are the same in both scenarios.  The Soodhars as usual captivate the readers hearts by their narration. Your description of the psyche of the Pandavas after the fall of Karna is great. Only thing I could not understand very clearly is the spitting and the insults hurled on at Dharma even referencing Panchali seems to be a little out of the flow. How could a common soldier dare to hurl insults to a King? If so, how come Dharma and Panchali are celebrated through out the centuries. Perhaps you have a reason or used the writer’s freedom and perception.

Overall it is a great episode that has brought tears, smile and introspection. Waiting to see how Karna’s Mother will react to see her first born dead in the battlefield. 

Thanks as always.

Sobana Iyengar

Sobana Iyengar