Sunday, June 28, 2015


Dear Jeyamohan

Sathya Bama,  a proud Anthaka princess marrying the Maya Kannan - what a great description of events!   Bama whom we think as a jealous consort of Krishna has such a strong personality, may be she got all that mettle and will power thru leading a life of a "Aychi".

A very detailed story of Syamanthaka amni and its background which I am not aware of.  The description of Jambavan clan and the  Usharas are highlights of your attention to details that 
makes the reader to wonder in anticipation of what is next!  Jambavan reminds the mythical "Big foot" of the Himalayas.

Finally, Krishna and Sathya Bama,  a powerful woman like his maternal aunt Kunti are united.  A beautiful narration of Bama's devotion to Neelakanmani thru "oodal" and possessiveness.

Thank you.
Warm Regards,