Sunday, July 26, 2020


Dear Jeyamohan

Venn Murasu 25th episode ended with “Neelachudarmani Kannan” leaving the earth.  A feeling of an empty nest, a feeling that this is bound to happen and a thought that all good things must end. The great epic of India got a new dimension with Venn Murasu, the story of my ancestors. A priceless legacy.

 I remember, reading the first chapter when Asthika starts his journey to Hastinapura. I was captivated and felt that this is the “Mahabharatha” I wanted to read. Day after day tirelessly you started giving us the gems and opened a treasure chest in front of us.  A story or life unfolded strengthening a feeling that the joy and sorrow we are experiencing are not new and the balancing act continues.

You have taken us among the unknown territories of ancient India amidst forest, ravines, desert, hills, towering mountains and the great Himalayas. You explained the different seasons. Showed us the difference between the rain falling in the Northeast is so different than the one in the upper Ganges valley. You highlighted the palaces in the great cities and also treehouses in a forest canopy. The animals and birds also had a role to start an episode or take us to a magical kingdom. The trees, flowers, plants, and even the grass conversed with us.  The rocks, pebbles, rivers, lakes and a tiny waterhole in the desert had a story to tell.  We traveled with the Sutas crossing ports, different lands and cities meeting various ethnic groups. You introduced the different martial arts, charioteering, archery and the art of war.  Neelamanivannan, Kangala nathar, Varahi, Panchali Amman and many Devathas provided an understanding of what is the basis of “Aram” and how to handle it.

You also provided a forum for the different debates among scholars on philosophy that sometimes took 360 degrees turn by ending up in a lowly Mendicant or a Suta who explain the complexities in one single sentence or word that swept the whole work. 

I can write on and on.  Initially it was like ‘Oh my God” the epic has ended. Then it dawned that there is no ending. You have given us the whole treasure. Anytime, we can read again and again and admire an unknown dimension of a gem. Thank you so much for the monumental work.  Started the chapter 26.  Ilanagan’s descendant entering the court of the Pandya King to recite the final chapter ascertain that there is no ending to “Mahabharatha”. On this Guru Purnima day, my pranams to you.

Thank you as always.

 Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar