Wednesday, July 22, 2020

வெண்முரசு அனுபவம்

Dear Jeyamohan,

 (Apologies for not typing in tamil - I'm still not fluent in typing in tamil)

Like many of your readers, I too have been living and growing with Venmurasu for the past 7 years, and even had the privilege of getting a pre-booked copy of Prayagai with your signature. And, just like those myriad readers, I too experienced the transformative effect of Venmurasu. However, the intent of this mail is to share a very personal experience (அகவயமான அனுபவம்) with you.
When I was reading Mutharkanal, despite all the gigantic characters (like Bheeshmar, Sathyavathi, etc) the thing that struck me the most was "Chithrakarni the lion". From the day I read that chapter I might have thought of Chithrakarni (and how life is a cycle where the conqueror gets conquered at some point, etc) a few hundred times. I have read that in Zen buddhism the master gives his disciple a haiku or sentence to think on for years until the disciple reaches enlightenment thru that. I think it is almost like the நுண்சொல் mentioned at various points in Venmurasu. And Chithrakarni has become the  நுண்சொல் for me ever since. Whenever I'm in a position of dominating/ controlling someone I tend to think of how one day Kuhyashreyas (or is it Kuhyajaathas?) ate the mighty Chithrakarni's eyes. And when I feel like I'm being bossed-over, I think "even if I'm the cow at vyasa's kudil, there is a Kuhyashreyas waiting for all Chithrakarnis".
Now you can understand the shivers (மெய்சிலிர்ப்பு) I had when I read about Chithrakarni at the end of the novel, almost after 6.5 years. I don't know what this coincidence means, and if there is something unexplainable there or not. But I would like to think that there is something between me and that something that made you write this. And I thank you for that.
There is so much more to talk about Venmurasu, but you probably have heard it all. And I will keep it for when I meet you in person, hopefully when you visit the USA next time. I live in Maryland (30 min from Washington DC; I missed meeting you last year) and would love to host you whenever the travel opens up.

Thank you again for making my life richer in the past 6.5 years!