Sunday, August 2, 2020

வெண்முரசு பற்றி

Dear Jeyamohan 

Unbelievable, amazing marathon writing. I travelled with the Sudhars, Kurus,Pandavas, geographic regions and seen the war. Thanks 🙏  Also the continuity, the great guru parampara tradition, and the nuances of human life.  This great literary effort is unsurpassable and deserves the best accolades.

Today, I read Kannan Pillai Tamizh and could not find words to express the wonder. The little Neelamanivannan danced, played the flute, just to remind us that life goes on and Mahabharata is life and it's journey. 
I am also reminded of Sri. Periyalwar's pasurams on "Neelachudar Manikannan". Definitely he would be smiling and sending all the blessings to you. Sending thanks to Mr. Shanmugavel for giving life to the Kannan Pillai Tamizh. 

Next time when I come to India, will get the remaining books to complete my collection, a treasure indeed.
My regards to your family. Finally, congratulations for producing a literary magnum opus.
Thank you as always 🙏 

Best Regards 
Sobana Iyengar