Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Dear Jeyamohan

Arjuna finally receives the Pasubatham from Mahakalar & Kali. Thru the symbolic pebble they teach him the tenets of the "Anal" and "Sivam". Interesting details on the Pasubhata another form of Siva worship and the real "Astra" is the knowledge of self and yoga.

It reminded me of Thirumazhizai  Alwar's, " Nanmuganai Narayanan than padaithan- Nanmuganum thanmugamai  Sankaranai than padaithan" (Nanmugan Thiruvantadhi).

Somehow, I could not help comparing the Kiratam with the tribal cultures of South Pacific islands. The big feast or "Luau" and adorning the body with ash etc. Amazing details of the Kirata landscape. One of these days, need to visit India during Kumbh Mela to see the realized souls who still continue these ancient traditions. 

Mr. Shanmugavel's dancing Siva or "Analon" is superb. Thanks as always.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar