Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kiratam Finale

Dear Jeyamohan

Pichandavar made a grand entrance in the first chapter of Kiratam smoking weed, dancing, barbecuing small animals and also teaching the meaning of self to Vaisampayana.  Diametrically opposite to the "Vinnalandhon"! In the concluding chapter Chandan joins the Kalamukhas led by a Pichandavar whereas Bylan and team proceed onwards searching for the Narayana Vedam may be from "Agasthyar". I could imagine the "Vinnadiyars" singing the Nammalwar pasuram on seeing Chandan !!!

 "Pesa ninra Sivanukkum Biraman thanakkum pirarkum nayagan avane 
Kabala nanmokkattuk  kandu kolmin" (10th Thirumozhi)

A great episode on Arjuna's wanderings. Beautiful narration on the formation of different Saiva sects and the unique practices to become ""Sivoham".
Waiting to read the next episode. Thank you.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar