Tuesday, February 14, 2017

மாமலர் மையம்

Dear Jeyamohan
The first few chapters provide your signature description of the forest, intricate details of the monkeys which symbolically represent the multitude of emotions shown by the Pandavas and Draupati.   Kind of a jolt to learn that Dharma still in an oscillating mind set even after his encounter with Surya Deva and learnt “Sol”.
Apart from all the other events like capturing Jayatrada etc, the core seems to be the dialog between Bhīma and Draupati. When describing about the fragrance of Sowkanthika,  Draupati’s inner feelings on adoring her father, admiring her first love, ambition to rule, and kindness shown on Jayatrada as a mother. Finally, she shines when expressing her gratefulness for Bhīma standing up just for her without any princely protocols or worldly Dharma makes that chapter the highlight of the whole story so far.
Next, in Chapter 13, Mundan adds additional dimension to the language by describing it as a tool to cover the inner feelings.  Well said. Bhīma gets his “Sol” thru Mundan’s “Kal” (stone) and learns what breaks the passive inaction created by “Salippu”.  So also the readers.
As always every episode is a jewel. Mamalar will remain as a lasting fragrance. Thrilled to follow Bhima in his quest to get the divine flower. Thank you. 
Warm Regards,
Sobana Iyengar