Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An incredible journey

Dear Jeyamohan

The glimpse into the “Sol Valar Kadu” has ended. Feeling so soon…
The journey into the forest began with the birth of Sage Dhaumya and ended with Dharma narrating that he learnt the mantra Sura Ashtothra Sathanama from Sage Dhaumya.  In between, you made us to walk thru different forests, teaching us to dare to explore the meaning of “sol” passed on from different sages and philosophers, men and women, different occupations but with the same goal of finding the "Sol". 
The transformation of Dharma with his constant quest to understand the meaning of emotions, life thru wanderings and learning from different schools of thought.  Draupathi follows as a silent partner yet she has a major role in expressing her disgust and hurt feelings for having faced a great insult by the Kauravas.  Perhaps this actd as a catalyst that pushed Dharma more to explore “Self”.
Neelamani Kannan also steps in beautifully into Sol Valar Kadu” with his formative years in Sandhipani Ashram and later both winning the hearts of the disciple and being hated for his revolutionary interpretation of the continued tradition. Another setting up the stage for the future major incidents like the teaching of Bhagavd Gita and the demise of Yadhava clan.
Like a forest flora and fauna that varies in different climatic and geographic zones, the philosophy evolves allowing the seekers to continue their journey or settle in a comfortable zone.   
A great episode to cherish and to read repeatedly.  Thank you as always.
 Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar