Thursday, August 29, 2019

தீயின் எடை

Dear Jeyamohan
The weight of the fire is extremely heavy and poignant. Your narration on the last few days of the war at Kurukshetra is a master piece novel by itself. You move dramatically between the description of the topography and terrain of the Kurukshetra and the emotions each of the Pandavas and the left over Kaurava’s express.  You constantly maintain this theme of giving the readers how each one of them would have felt bewildered by the death of their kith and kin. Amazing art of narration which is not a mere fantasy or mutilating the original storyline of the great sage Vyasa.  
All the episodes are captivating. To name a few: 1. Duryodhana’s hiding and practicing Raja yoga and emerging as a balanced calm person. 2. The agony of Bhima on unable to find the hiding Duryodhana and the frustration of failing to defeat him at the Kurukshetra itself. 3. Aswathama and team searching for Duryodhana and their encounter with the Hunter. 4. Amazing portrayal of the Pandavas younger princes when they remember how Duryodhana took care of them when Pandavas were in exile and the pain they undergo after hearing about how Duryodhana was killed. 5. How Hastinapur was taken over by the women and Queen Bhanumathi’s prowess in managing the capital and the fort. 6. “Samvagai” the girl who mastered archery and the role she played. 5. The Mothers emotions and feelings of losing the children grown-up and unborn, churns one’s heart. It was classic when you wrote that the great queens will always speak and bless only “Mangalam”.   
A very sad episode without a happy ending.  But, as you wrote, life will sprout and continue the cycle as humans are the composition of good and bad. Life sprouts and blooms if we collectively work on the good side and suppress the bad or learn how to effectively control it.  Thank you as always for tirelessly writing and sharing the wonders of the great epic. Another dazzling jewel on the Venn Murasu crown. Take a nice break and looking forward to the next one.
Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar