Wednesday, May 10, 2017

மாமலர் நிறைவு

Dear Jeyamohan

You took us around the blossom of "Mamalar" and finally into the pool of nectar. Traveling with Bhima and also learning "sol" thru "malar" has been quite different from Dharma's  or Arjuna's quest.  Your portrayal of Hanuman as "Mundan" who starts guiding Bhima thru
the myriad tales (history, the lineage of Kuru, the "Moodhannaiyar's" stories, finally Kalyana sowkanthikam) also provides wisdom with simple acts. Amazing twists and turns before we realize Mundan is Hanuman himself!  All the scents and smell of "Mamalar" symbolically impart a knowledge about the evolution and extinction of groups - the humans. 

"Sol" started growing in the "Kadu" and blossomed fully in "Mamalar"!  This time, I am not calling this chapter as another beautiful jewel. It is like hiking in the mountains
during spring with the summer rain caressing, gentle fragrance that descends from the blooming flowers and you feel just happy... thoughtlessly happy.

Thank you. Looking forward to the next treasure.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar