Thursday, February 12, 2015

தருமனின் விரிவு

Dear Jeyamohan

Dharman's character unfolds into its fullest form in this chapter. So far, he was portrayed as that calm child who loves to be with his father, a first born taking care of his brothers, his oscillation when making decisions. But in chapter 6, he comes out as emotionally strong and able to put well thought out stand against his beloved Mother Kunti.

You have paraphrased it so beautifully about the human quest for knowledge. "After learning the nuances of how to expand knowledge we realize how small we are and we stand before that eternity  without understanding the what who and when of this universe, slowly the books and learning vanish while we stand there stunned"!  

This whole chapter I read again and again trying to internalize the dialogue between Dharma and Vidhura. You alone could write this conversation with such profound meaning and seamless flow of words. When Dharma explains how he ants the evolution of "aram" against "kshatram" I could not help saying "what a great writing".

Today, I also read your "Pithanin 10 days"! I think when your beard grows little more you will be considered as Nagar Koil Siddhar and perhaps you may not need saffron clothes. :)  :)

At the end of the day, Pithan or Siddhar we cannot let you go without writing Venn Murasu. Kangali Ma and Sage Vysa will protect you if someone try to hurt you in the bus or anywhere. 

Please take care.

Thanks you.

Warm Regards,