Monday, November 30, 2015


Greetings Jemo ,

I was reluctant to start Venmurasu though I am your biggest fan , I have read most of your novels except few . 

But few days before me and my wife have started to see Vijai tv's mahabaratham and we are getting addicted to it .Since now I have understood basic structure of the epic I  decided to take a deep dive in to my jemo's venmurasu. Have bought mutharkanal  .My wife has got conceived , she s in 3 months, I thought its the prime time to start . I request your blessing for me and my child .You are my Guru .I started reading u 3 years before ,not a single days goes by without reading your blog .I used to think how beautiful my life has become since the day i started reading you , what a lovely journey . Now u have gone a long way in venmurasu , its scary but with all courage i am going to start the book . Many thanks love you lots.