Sunday, January 24, 2016

கர்ணனும் ஜெயத்ரதனும்

Dear Jeyamohan

What a relief when Sujathan put a full stop to Kalinga Princess insults. Could'nt beleive that the Kauravas are such an emotional pack who unconditionally love and respect their siblings and their adopted brother Karna.  "Vizhi izhanda Peraram" what a beautiful description of Dhridarashtra! Alas,
he became a "Seyal izhanda Peraram" when he could not stop the injustice done to Draupati in his palace!.

The little Kauravas have become adorable in your writing and in the painting by Mr. Shanmugavel.
The beauty of these chapters are the way you bring out the underpinning emotions of each character.
Karna's thoughts on how to receive Jayatratha after the incident in Kalinga was superb.  Jayathrathan's entrance into Hastinapur without giving out an iota of of the feeling of being insulted 
and Karna's thoughts, observations, and actions are another example of how you help the readers to go deeper into understanding the characters from a yin and yang perspective.

Thanks as always.  

Warm Regards,

Sobana Iyengar