Thursday, January 14, 2016

சொல்லில் காட்சி

Dear Jeyamohan

In today's chapter 23, you have taken Veyyon's balanced emotional intelligence to new heights.
I really liked when he said to the distraught Supriyai that "this is the Kshatriyas way accept it or if you wish to jump into the Ganges do it"!. 

When Bhishma  took Ambai against her wish, I felt immensely sad for Ambai. Interestingly, in Veyyon's somewhat similar scenario even though I understood Supriyai's emotions I was more sympathetic for Veyyon! Perhaps because of the insults she hurled at him. Also, a valiant good hearted warrior who has to face insults because of the injustice received from his Mother. I wonder!

As always, you have described the different landscapes for Anga & Kalinga. The description of the fortress built with mud and thorny bushes, the villages, the war, the description of the horses and their behavior are visual art in words.

Thank you.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar