Saturday, January 20, 2018

தந்தைக்கு கந்தன்

Dear JM sir.

I have been reading and following ‘venmurasu’ since last 2 years. This is the first time  I’m writing to you because I can read, but I am not good at writing something in Tamil. I am sorry sir, it has taken me so long to write back to and thank you.  Again, thank you, sir, for such wonderful efforts because the essence of venmurasu from each chapter verily is the highest in many dimensions.  

Even though I have read the story of Mahabarata but reading venmurasu is a totally different experience.  It contains thousand names, thousand characters, thousand stories, variance in term of time and places, but between them comprised the ultimate truth or the content of the truth. Each point highlights the higher and lower value that absorbed by the world (since those days) and both compliment each other and applicable in today’s life.

One of the recent points that I would like to ponder again- again is in the ‘குருதிச்சாரல்’–17’ , its about Krishna as described by Sanjayan in Dhritarashra’s words  “வேதமுடிவேவெல்லும்ஏனென்றால் அது வேதத்தாலேயே திரட்டி எடுக்கப்பட்டதுவேதம் அதன் முன் வணங்கும்கனல்விழித் தந்தைக்கு கந்தன் மெய்யுரைத்ததுபோல’”. The statement with a classic analogy, revalue and restate the link between between vedas and Vedanta as well the story of how skandan extolled the meaning of pranava to shiva. Hail to you sir.

Many thanks
Selvan (Malaysia)