Monday, February 11, 2019


Dear Jeyamohan

The war is gaining momentum at one time and at other time withdraws when   key family members and princes die. Your description of the "Padma Vyugam" and how Abimanyu the brave prince valiantly moves towards his ultimate death are wonderfully woven with words. A poignant chapter. Arjuna's emotions, the story of Usinakan, Neelamani Kannan's timely interference that comforts the Pandavas are great.
The portrayal of Dharma oscillating between stopping the war when the reality faces that it is all their young sons are getting killed and Bheema reminding him of the why it is happening is another interesting write up. You have put the readers also in a roller coaster of emotions where one could see the grey areas of the entire Kuru clan and their Acharyas. The scale moves between Yin and Yang on both sides and Mayakannan explains "Porul Inmai"! 
Thanks as always.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar