Friday, February 15, 2019


Dear Jeyamohan

Karkadal gains momentum with the grand entrance of Karna who was portrayed as a strong warrior and not the Karna who drank and was trying to deal with the past demons. Best part is the inevitable meeting between Karna and Kunti. In chapter 26 you describe her entrance as “Chirruruvam” which is apt as she is coming to ask for something not just. During the meeting her desire to make the Pandavas victorious  surpasses her motherly instinct towards Karna.  No great emotional drama of shedding tears of abandoning her own child or overtly expressing guilt. Her goal is to make her clan to rule and tried her best to convince Karna to have her way. Again, words (“Sol”) play an important role to modify Karna’s commitment to Duryodhana. One gets oscillated between sympathizing with Karna and admiring Kunti for her strength and her will power. The initial disgust of seeing her as a conniving mother vanishes when she explains how a Yadhava woman who has more freedom to choose or reject her mate unlike a Kshatriya woman. Still, one feels more compassionate towards Karna the handsome Surya Putra who was trapped into these treacherous tangles. This is the crème de la crème of this episode.  
Also read your upcoming travel to Kumbh Mela.  You have explained beautifully about the surge of emotions one can experience by witnessing the continuity of that ancient chord which binds all the diversity in this "sangamam".  Looking forward to read more on Kumbh Mela. Safe travels.
Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar