Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Image of Krishna- "Priyagai" - Speechlees!!!

Dear JM Sir,

I know this will be one of the usual praise mail that you will be receiving for "Venmurasu"..
Now time is around 5.50 am in the morning..  But still I could not go to sleep...
For past one month every day and night I am reading this.. Now whomsoever I see, they are looking like arjunan, beeman, duriyoudnan, dharman, kunthi etc.,

I was so eager to see how you are going to handle Krishna.. I know you are not one of the so called "Bhakthi" marg people who sees him as everything... But I felt entire plot of mahabharatha would have been effected a bit, if you would have treated him as like other ordinary characters..

Because after reading mahabharatha every time, I felt Krishna is the only character who would know everything happening around him..i feel  for centuries together, image of "Krishna" has been deeply inscribed on subconscious mind of every indian citizen.. He is the one such God who fits in for both "Karma" and "Nyana" marg... We can built numerous temple for him and start to worship..or we can think and develop numerous philosophies based on his name..

I felt you had beautifully balanced the image of Krishna so far.. After reading neelam itself, I know you will not show Krishna in ordinary way...

 But in "Priyagai" image of Krishna has been beautifully plotted... You are describing him as an ordinary man like others but with extraordinary capabilities.

So, if a real "bhakthi" marg devotee reads, he can feel the same Krishna here and if a "Kyana" marg guy reads he can feel the  Krishna there... Even Marxist, communist, atheist,  periyarist can accept the Krishna depicted here..
I know only a person who had broad mindedness to treat everything (all philosophies)  in equal manner ( I don't know the exact meaning of "Samanilai" in English) can only write in such a way..

Especially from chapter 34 to 41, Where Krishna enters (up to this time, I am completely submerged in the bhagavatha image of Krishna), his relation with arjuna, how pandavas handling him, how easily he captures the attention of kunthi, how easily he makes her to feel so close (I suddenly thought of my own aunty), how easily he handled vidhurar, how brilliantly he plots to attack Mathura, how cruelly he kills the people over there.. (I remember the line "karunai yulla aram yendru ondru kidaiyathu")...

I completely lost myself into it.. it had created reverse impact on me.. when I hear Krishna saying beautiful comedy of "brahmam kills brahmam by brahmam through brahmam even it had missed the target".. this in fact bringing tears to me...

when duriyodhan is doing same actions like his father, which is very serious plot, is bringing laughter to me..
I don't know how to describe, but I am in complete different world.. even the few milliseconds which takes to download the chapter link in your blog, is giving me a great pain..

Whenever I read your blog, i could not understand your words on your feeling  after reading good literature ("illakiyam"), but now i can completely understand it... I could not believe the same internet, which has been used for very different purpose few months before, would have been used for reading  this great master piece..
Thank you for everything.. (Though I know brahmam should not say thanks to the other brahmam)

அன்புள்ள ரகு

இந்திய மரபில் இன்றுவரை முழுமையாக விளக்க முடியாத enigma ஒன்றுண்டு என்றால் அது கிருஷ்ணன்தான். 

கவிஞன் கொலைகாரன் தத்துவஞானி அரசியல்சூழ்ச்சியாளன் கலைனஜ்ன்  யாதவப்புரட்சித்தலைவன் மானுட இச்சைகளின் குவியல் இறைவடிவம் - எல்லாமேதான்

ஆனால் ஒற்றைவரியில் நண்பனாக வந்த தெய்வம்

அதை விளக்கவே மூன்று வேதாந்தங்களும் முயன்றன. முயல்கின்றன

பல்லாயிரம் பக்கங்கள் எனக்கிருக்கின்றன, அந்த தைரியம். கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சமாக விள்ளர்க்கரியதை விளம்ப முயல்கிறேன்