Thursday, October 8, 2015


Dear Jeyamohan
Every day I wanted to write my thoughts on Kandeepam, but unable to do as I wanted to wait read the next chapter.  It is like walking along with the river without any rush to enjoy its banks, the rhythmic flow, the magical changes with sunrise to sunset, the shining water drops dancing along the way. 
Kandeepam started with the young prince striving to overcome his physical weakness thru imagination and dreams. Hats off to you for describing the child’s mind in spite of his physical limitations.  Along with temper tantrums, he has a mind that refuse to stop dreaming of the impossible.  It is amazing that how many different ways you can describe the forest!  Every “vanam” you describe is unique that takes the reader into it to show the hidden gems.
In your words, Malini and the other au pairs are elevated as women of prowess, independent thinking yet follow the norms of a royal maid. Every character is important and snatch the attention. Ulupi’s wedding is another milestone with Aravan’s birth.
It is great to read about Ma Kangali in North East India as Manipooraka Devi aka Ma Durga.  The war between the Nagas of lowlands and Chitrangatha’s troops with Phalguni helping them out are great. It is amazing that you have done so much research and collected facts to provide the travelogue of Arjuna in beautiful Tamil language.
As usual, the child in me is asking for more stories and does not want the travels to end!
Another great jewel (episode). Thank you.
Warm regards,
Sobana Iyengar