Tuesday, January 8, 2019

War front

Dear Jeyamohan 

Back from vacation from Madagascar and Cape Town. Interestingly, when I was at the Cape of Good Hope looking at the vasrt expanse of water and the waves, the term “Karkadal” was in my mind. Andal Nachiyar called Neelamani Vannan as “Karkadal Vannan” in the pasuram “Karkodal pookkal”. I was thinking may be the Episode Karkadal is about the intensity of the war just like the ocean reflecting the dark clouds and the “sara mazhai” pouring on it like dark arrows.

I started reading the chapters and amazingly the first chapter opened with the backdrop of river Krishna and the child hearing the story from her grand mother. The subsequent chapters provide the context and the background information for how everything is interconnected in the beautiful  tapestry of words expressed in your unique style. 

Getting Karna into the war front and the Kauravas planning on the strategy provide that excitement of looking forward to the interaction with Karna the warrior thru your “sol”.

Hope to catch up with the remaining chapters this weekend. Thanks as always for the great efforts and for giving us the best gems of the epic. 

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar

Sobana Iyengar