Monday, March 18, 2019


Dear Jeyamohan 

Acharya Dhrona is facing his disciples in the war front and the evolving dialogue among the Pandavas make these chapters unique. Every sentence is like watching a suspense thriller “Oh my God, what next”!  You have brought out the dialectics of human emotions in an excellent way and It will be sad to read the upcoming chapter on the inevitable death of the Acharya. Amazing dialogue happens between Dharma and others on taking the only path of spreading the false news  to confine Dhronacharya. Neelamani Vannan says beautifully that one will learn “this one also will pass”, a profound message on life. We moved on from ups and downs of life, bad and good mindset, the whole yin and yang!. Survival- the powerful weapon that makes one to justify the actions. 

Thanks for elaborating the mindset of these amazing warriors who in a way help us to introspect our thoughts.

Warm regards

Sobana Iyengar