Sunday, December 21, 2014



“மெல்ல நடந்துசெல்லுங்கள். செல்லும் தொலைவைப்பற்றி எண்ணவேண்டாம். வைக்கும் காலடிகளை மட்டுமே கருத்தில் கொள்ளுங்கள். வழி திறக்கும்போது திறக்கட்டும்” 

பீமனின் இந்த வரிகளை படித்த போது ஜிட்டு கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தியின் கீழே உள்ள சொற்கள் நினைவுக்கு வந்தன.

All that you can do is to keep the room in order, which is to be virtuous for itself, not for what it will bring. To be sane, rational, orderly. Then perhaps, if you are lucky, the window will open and the breeze will come in. Or it may not. It depends on the state of your mind. And that state of mind can be understood only by yourself, by watching it and never trying to shape it, never taking sides, never opposing, never agreeing, never justifying, never condemning, never judging - which means watching it without any choice. And out of this choiceless awareness perhaps the door will open and you will know what that dimension is in which there is no conflict and no time.