Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Dear Jeyamohan 

It is sad to witness the war front in “ Dhisai ther vellam”. Amazing details on the strategy, weapons, elephants and the psychology of the warriors including Pitamaha Bhishma and Dhridarashtra. Kings and chieftains from all over Bharath are in the battlefield. How do you get all the names? Has Vyasa chronicled the war in such details? Without Venn Murasu I would not have known the great details.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day for us. I was thinking about the known and the unknown soldiers throughout the history, who had fought for a belief, conviction, or patriotism. Arjuna’s dilemma is continuing to this day so also Krishna’s teachings on Karma yoga. We fight, we kill, we cry, we jubilate, and we fight to promote peace a never ending circle.  Thirumazhisai Alwar calls Neelamani Kannan as “Sollinal thodarchi nee”. (Thiruchanda Viruttam). Ultimately, the “Sol” continues....

Thanks for creating this monumental work. 

Warm regards 

Sobana Iyengar