Thursday, December 24, 2015

வெய்யோன் வருகை

Dear Jeyamohan

"Veyyon" has risen in the horizon. What a joy it has brought to read Venn Murasu after a short break.  I have also caught up with some of your other books and writings. Actually, that is because you have mentioned that in order to understand a writer better, one has to read or try to read all his/her works. 

Coming to Veyyon, it is always a pleasure to read when the 'Soodhars" introduce a character or an incident.  Even though you have written about Parasurama in the "Mazhaipadal", here the  beautiful Tamil runs like a deer in the warm sun with the shadows chasing.  Especially the lamentation of Parasurama about his slain mother is superb. You have elevated Motherhood to great heights in few sentences by a son's words. Mr. Shanmugavel's art is wonderful.

Just waiting to see how you will treat Karna, the adorable child born to impish "Birudhai" and brought up by Radheyan. What motivates him to donate, how he handles insults, friendship, betrayal and abandonment by his own mother? 

As always, I am amazed by your dedication to research and writing. Perhaps "sanndaham" could be the right word.  Sage Vyasa's and Ma Kangali Mata's blessings I guess.  

Heading to Fiji Islands for the Holidays. No vacation activity will stop me from reading Veyyon. Looking forward to this yet another beautiful gem studded crown.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Sobana Iyengar